KatieBlueDress1 - Interview

When did you start working as a therapist and coach?


I began practicing at Harley Street in 2007. I was fortunate enough to have been mentored by Robert Lewis who founded the Lewis Clinic in 1987. Robert was the first person to bring therapy and coaching to Number 1 Harley Street and I feel incredibly grateful to have had the support and guidance of such a wise and skillful practitioner. Robert brought a true artistry to his work with clients and encouraged me to create a practice that always put the clients needs first, seeing each and every person as unique and invaluable.


What were you doing before you became a therapist and coach?


Before training in therapy and coaching I primarily worked within the Arts. I spent two years with an organization called Clean Break that works with women who have had experience of the criminal justice and mental health systems. It was a fascinating insight into the world of rehabilitation, equality and diversity and I learnt an enormous amount about the resilience and creativity within every human being. I also worked for a company called Dance United who work with dance to empower minority groups and for the Roundhouse in Kentish Town- helping them to set up their creative centre for young people. As well as working within the Charity Arts sector I also spent time working for a Photographic Agency and Contemporary Art Gallery. The part of all these jobs that I most enjoyed was meeting and talking with people. This inspired my decision to train as a therapist. The rest is history and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was doing the work that I was meant to be doing when I began my practice and started working with clients. I had finally discovered doing something that felt completely right.


Could you talk a little about your training?


I originally trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy with the Quest Institute in Regents College. I worked alongside Robert Lewis during this time who helped to mentor and supervise my learning and development. I later spent six months training in Transformative Coaching in New York with Michael Neill. I have been and still am a vivacious learner and my training into the fields of Psychology have taken me all over the world. I have learnt from many teaches, all of whom have contributed to the way I work today. Most recently I have trained with Bill Cumming at The Boothby Institute and in the field of Principle Based Therapy.


What type of people do you work with?


I work with a wide range of people from all walks of life. Every age, every background and with a wide diversity of challenges. A client may come because they fear public talking or because they are suffering from depression. Over the years I have helped many people let go of suffering and stress and worked with every type of challenge and issue that you could imagine.


What are your current projects?


I am currently running a monthly event at Shoreditch House called Meditation and Reflection: Be Here Now. This event is an opportunity to reflect upon what is truly meaningful for us in life and at the same time let go and relax our minds deeply. I am also in the process of planning a workshop with two colleagues Bill Cumming and Chris Morris where we will be creating an experiential weekend to explore what true freedom means for us all. My other current projects include running a six-month mentorship for a group of therapists who are in the early stages of setting up their practice.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Well, I suppose I could say that from my experience of working as a therapist and coach I can put my hand of my heart and say that human beings are more resilient, more creative and more powerful than they know. I am continually inspired by the people that I work with. Even though people can experience great challenge in their lives, they can also overcome adversity and create wonderful lives for themselves and those around them. As my friend Bill says: “There is more to learn from every single person than we can ever possibly know!”.