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Working with Katie has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  There is an atmosphere of calm and openness in her sessions, and I always leave feeling relaxed and uplifted, having looked at things in a new and different way.  Thanks to Katie, I have an entirely new perspective on life and feel wonderful for it.



Katie Abbott has been one of the most positive influences in my life. The work we have done together has changed my perspective on the way I live and the world around me. She is generous, compassionate, warm and supportive, and also able to see into the heart of the matter and cut straight to the to what is most important.
Through Katie’s gracious work I have discovered wisdom I will carry with me throughout my life. I can now see precisely what is within my power and what is not, and I feel enabled to pursue what matters most. Her words and lessons have brought a tremendous calm to my life and have improved my sense of self and helped me to create a clearer, brighter experience of the world.
The way that Katie works is extraordinary, She is willing to discuss everything with and open and responsive manner, and will never try to impose a certain idea or opinion. Instead, she is accommodating to every possible turn her work may take, and is always courteous and sensitive. There is no formula or agenda, just the presence of a graceful, passionate and intelligent guide.
Anyone who had the privilege to work with Katie will agree that she is an inspiration. I have rarely ever felt the presence of someone so entirely engaged and willing to be with you. Her connection to those around her is so genuine and authentic, and simply being in her presence is comforting. Our conversations are a source of motivation, and the thought provoking and articulate insights Katie offers have brought new meaning to every situation. I feel so blessed to have met Katie, and to have experienced her work. She has helped me to discover all that life has to offer, and her continued support has helped me through both the light and the dark.



I am so grateful for the time I have spent with Katie. Through her caring and loving approach, she has taught me a new way of looking at life and I feel a million times stronger and better for it. The results were beyond my hopes and expectations and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Katie.”



Sometimes we all need a little bit of help, guidance and direction and I could not recommend one person more than Katie Abbott.



I can quite honestly say that Katie has helped me change my life.  Everything I could have hoped to change through my time with her has happened and much more.  Having spent only a couple of months with Katie, I am now sleeping better than I can remember and she has shown me how to live in the moment, which for me, had been a personal goal I had always aspire to, but had previously never been able to actually achieve.  I have found myself saying things to people and I can’t believe it’s actually me saying it and that that’s actually how I genuinely feel!  I am delighted to say I now feel happier than I have felt for a long time.  I am grounded and content and I put that down to meeting Katie.



Katie is kind and patience and I honestly cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me.  She is 100% professional, although having finished my time with Katie, I genuinely now feel I have made a friend.  Katie has gone over and above her commitments towards me by keeping in touch after our session which is a true indication to me that she genuinely cares about the people she works with.



It has been a true blessing and a magical joy to work with such an honorable professional as Katie. The process has had a changing effect on my life, thoughts and feelings. A transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly comes to mind. I have been hugely impacted by the work I did with Katie and for her own special professional style, her skill and unique individual technique which caters for each individual person and their needs.



Firstly, I can hardly believe the extent of the journey I have come on. I am not a different person, rather I am finally myself and most importantly, comfortable in being so. Safe in the knowledge that I could bring myself to every session and the absence of rigidity meant we explored so many more areas than I thought possible – it was a wholly collaborative non prescriptive process. Modern medicine is fixated with predefined symptoms and cure-all solutions – one of the most interesting thing I learned was that visible ‘problems’ are only surface deep and it’s something else entirely which needs and deserves the attention – the key to that is participating in the process yourself.



Katie helped me to finally take control of a situation that had been making me unhappy and anxious for many months. I had tried a number of methods prior to meeting Katie, including 12 months of counselling. Everything helped in it’s own way, but ultimately I wanted to get complete closure and move on to be happier and more positive.. Now, a couple of months after my sessions ended, I can honestly say that things have really changed for good. I am much happier and confident in myself, my anxieties have greatly reduced and I look at all problems, not just the original issue, in a completely new way. A number of close friends have also commented on my changed attitude and improved temperament, which is further testament to the great job Katie did.



There is something about Katie that made me instantly like her and trust her. I came to her after trying various treatments, with no success, and I was starting to feel desperate. Throughout our sessions, Katie helped me to understand myself better, and see clearly where I wanted to go- and how I was to get there. Katie was incredibly supportive and always here to listen whenever I needed to talk to her.
Maybe that is the thing about her- as you talk and she smiles, you realise that she understands you, and she takes you where you want to go. Thanks.

Chloe P


I really enjoyed working with Katie, I left the sessions feeling very positive and in control of my life. I felt more excited, more able to cope and that actually there are many possibilities and many avenues to explore in life. There was a definite shift in my perceptions and my attitude and I felt much more confident about making decisions. I found the discussions very helpful and interesting and the experience left me feeling lighter in heart and more ‘whole’ as a person.



I’m pleased to say that after one session with Katie, I have completely stopped smoking. I found the experience to be both relaxing and therapeutic. More recently I have seen Katie to work on other areas of my life, again combining the power of hypnotherapy and rational discussion to find calm and make sense of some profound personal issues.


Testimonials for Katie’s Mentoring Programme for Therapists and Coaches


This course provided me with a beautifully supportive context in which to grow personally and professionally. Katie works from the heart and is skilled at creating a non-judgmental and nurturing environment, but she is is also practical and assists in the discovery of solutions.I would recommend working with Katie to anyone looking to develop themselves and their business. She will enhance the best in you because that is what she sees.



Building a practice is about finding effective marketing strategies; reaching out to people, building relationships and making it easy for the right people to say yes to working with you. It’s also about learning to bring peace and calm even in the midst of the emotional ups and downs you experience along the way. Thank you, Katie, for creating a space in which to hold these emotions and to explore and pursue different strategies. Thank you also for bringing together a wonderful group of fellow practitioners to provide companionship and mutual support. I have no hesitation in recommending you to your own future clients.



Katie has helped me to create a successful practice. I wanted the space to discover my own unique way of working with clients and to feel confident in my own abilities to be an effective Therapist and Coach. I was looking for a practical process and at the same time wanted someone who I could talk to about every aspect of running a business- from the initial consultation with a new client, to the amount of sessions that were needed. One of the advantages of this process was developing my own voice as a professional. I now write for an online Psychology magazine and am running my own group for business people who are wanting greater balance in their lives.


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