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I am pleased that you have found your way to this website. I will do my best to give you as much information as I can regarding my approach to therapy and change.


Everyone goes through periods in their life where they could do with some extra support and knowing where to begin can sometimes be challenging.


The way that I work comes from extensive study and research into the fields of therapy and psychology and my intention is always for my clients to experience long term and sustainable wellbeing and peace of mind.


The process begins by creating a space in which you are able to relax and feel comfortable. For some people this means being able to talk uninterruptedly and for other people it means a calm and peaceful place to slow down and listen.


We will get clear together about what changes you would like to experience in your life and discuss the best way forward so that from our first session you know that you are fully supported, on the right track and moving forward.


I draw from a variety of therapeutic disciplines including Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Transformative Coaching and Principle Based Psychology.


My priority is that you know you are fully cared for, have a private and confidential place to talk and that you discover all you need to be confident, happy and free in all areas of your life.


Change is possible and we can begin when you are ready.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How many sessions will I need?


I work flexibly depending on your needs. Sometimes I work over a couple of sessions and other clients I work on a longer term basis.


What happens in the first session?


In the first session, we will have the opportunity to sit down and explore what you would like help with and what changes you would like to make. The first session is often transformative in nature and we will begin to explore naturally and easily together.


What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a creative way to encourage the mind to generate more useful thoughts. It allows people to let go of old habits of thinking and behavior and helps them to make the changes that they just can’t make alone. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, enjoyable and highly rewarding process and always honours the individuality of the client.


What is Transformative Coaching?


Transformative Coaching introduces you to a fresh new way of seeing things. It takes you beyond your current experience of life and moves you towards freedom and peace of mind. Once you are experiencing more ease we can begin to explore what you would really like to create in your life. Transformative Coaching gives you the tools and knowledge required to live life fully.


What is Principle Based Psychology?


Principle Based Psychology guides you towards peace of mind and wellbeing. It allows you to master your psychology through understanding and insight. Principles Based Psychology frees you from the past and the future and allows you to connect with a deep feeling of contentment and aliveness in your life now.


How do I arrange a time to have my first session?


You are welcome to email me or call me and we will arrange a suitable time to meet.


I can’t come to Harley Street. Can we still work together?


Yes. I have clients who live abroad or prefer to have sessions from the comfort of their own home. I work with these clients via Skype or telephone.

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I work with a wide variety of issues ranging from anxiety and stress to relationships and public speaking, among many others. There is nothing that we cannot discuss.

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Whether you have a specific problem you would like to solve or are interested in feeling more at ease in all areas of your life, you are welcome to contact me when you are ready.

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